If you're thinking about buying a Toyota or Honda, choose wisely because there's a good chance you'll be driving it for a very long time.
A new study conducted by used car marketplace iseecars.com found that 14 of the top 15 cars that the most original owners keep for 15 years or more were from the two Japanese brands, with the Subaru Forester sneaking onto the list to keep it interesting.
Among the 750,000 1981-2003 model year cars sold last year that it looked at, a whopping 18.5 percent of Toyota Highlander owners had made it to the crystal anniversary, followed by the Prius at 16.2 percent and Sienna minivan at 16.1 percent.
Toyota, Honda and Subaru made up the top three brands that saw this kind of loyalty across their lineups, with Hyundai and Nissan rounding out the top five.
Toyota swept the top of the pickup segment with the Tundra and Tacoma, while the Nissan Frontier - which hasn't been fully-redesigned in over 15 years - spent more time in its original owners' driveways than the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.
On the sports car side, it was the tiny Mazda MX-5 Miata with the biggest number of long-time owners, then the Audi TT, Chevrolet Camaro, BMW M5 and Ford Mustang.
Here's how the overall top 15 stacked up by percentage of 15-year owners, all well above the average of 7.5 percent:
1              Toyota Highlander           18.5%
2              Toyota Prius                       16.2%
3              Toyota Sienna                   16.1%
4              Honda Pilot                         15.3%
5              Toyota Tundra                   14.1%
6              Toyota Sequoia                 13.5%
7              Toyota Tacoma 13.4%
8              Honda Odyssey                 12.6%
9              Honda CR-V                        12.4%
10           Subaru Forester 12.1%
11           Toyota RAV4                      12.1%
12           Toyota Camry                    11.5%
13           Acura (Honda) MDX        11.4%
14           Toyota 4Runner 11.2%
15           Toyota Avalon                   10.8%
By: www.foxnews.com